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We all know, education enables a child to improve his intelligence, his observation skills and his confidence to a greater degree. That is the sole reason, we the Travelistica under the flag of TouristicaUK focuses on the “Out of the box” approach. With this aim, we have crafted our tour programs meticulously by blending entertainment with education both for abroad and Pakistan based. Find out what we offer in our tours:

  • Meticulously planned visit of educational institutions for students to enlighten them with diversity of education.
  • Provide tourists an extended range of educational activities from art to science and from media to business.
  • Providing tourists various platforms to improve their critical and analytical thinking.
  • Create wide range of social and cultural activities.
  • Making tourists explore the history, architecture, art and new ideas.
  • Making tourists aware about the environmental changes at the globe.

Pakistan and China are the countries who are enjoying their eternal friendship in true letter and spirits. This beautiful and unbreakable bondage exists between two since the birth of Pakistan. A friendship which is “Higher than Himalaya and deeper than the depth of Arabian Ocean” has become a universally recognized truth. Educational cum business trips between two countries will provide a broader perspective of the subject. Visiting important sites will provide a new dimension to tourists of today which is going to open numerous new windows in their minds.

Pak - China Integration 08 Days Tour

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8 Days

Welcome to Islamabad & Lahore, The Most Beautiful Capital & History Together
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